How to set a prop's material trough console?

I’ve been trying to change a prop’s material for days without success

What I am trying to do is being able to change a prop’s material IN-GAME, I am already able to do a lot of stuff in game with the console, but changing a prop’s material isn’t something I know how to do (yet)

Do anyone has a clue on how to, and if yes, possibly give me a list of materials?

Here is an exemple of something I did yesterday on cp_orange_x3 and the console, as you can see, the biggest issue is the ground that I am unable to change material, which is why I’m asking how to change a prop’s material, so that I could put props on the ground and set a fitting material (such as sand, or something alike)

Here: download this demo if you want to know why I need this command: Click Me

Looking forward some help!