How to set a sv_downloadurl only for ONE map ?


I have read lots of things about this cvar, it’s much much harder to get it working for Garry’s Mod than HL2: DM or other Source games…

I will put gm_atomic on my server, but I need a fast download for it, ONLY for it. I mean, I don’t want fast download for textures/models etc… Only for this map. I don’t want to have to upload this cache each day, because my server auto-updates PHX/Wire/SBMP and many other things everyday.

So, is it really important that I upload this cache ?

Can I set sv_downloadurl only for a map, by putting only this map on my fast download server ?

Thanks in advance.

It only works for everything.

So… I must put each file the client needs to download, I can’t put only the map… It sounds a little bit strange.

I thought the download url will only redirect the client if the file was found on the fast download server.

It’s all or none. The strange part is trying to have “particular” content for redirect.

I have it only download one map and it seems to work fine.

That’s not what he’s asking.

He wants to use sv_downloadurl to download a single map, and he’s wondering if this means that he’ll have to upload everything else as well.
I have just the map uploaded to my server and that’s it. It seems to be working fine.

You can let this thread dying, I set up my fast download server correctly, but yes, I had to put everything the client download on it, so I put the .dua cache also.