How to set day and night cycle?

How can I modify the day/night cycle in-game?
Specifically, I find that the nights are too long and wish to modify this in game.

And is there a way to check (in-game) what the cycle currently is for day and night?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Anyone? :slight_smile:

none that i know of, but i use env.time “(put time here)” for example if you want it 6am you just put 6 the time goes by the 24hr clock

On this topic, can it be adjusted to match real life?

I don’t think this is possible on a vanilla Rust server. Although I’ve never seen it, perhaps you can with a modded server.

It’s been a long while since I’ve set this up, but it used to be possible with one of the mods in legacy (Oxide?). There was a way to set different “speeds” for day and night, so that you could have (for example) a 1-minute night and a 19-minute day. Or permanent day, or permanent night.

It’s definitely not possible in vanilla.