How to set the darkrp job in serious rp

I wish people in my server, when they have all disabled works. After completing a training, only the admin can set the work of permanent duration. How do I do this? Many thanks in advance! I need your help

You would have to save their job in either SQL or text files. Assuming you can’t code, your best bet would be looking for addons.

If you wanna drop some cash use bwhitelist from ScriptFodder. Otherwise, you could use ulx ranks and put the tank check in the job

Thank you. I’ll try to buy a whitelist :slight_smile:

Why did you need two threads for this?

Hello everyone! A friend of mine, who had one server gave me the script bwhitelist. How do I configure it to my server? With that key opens in game?

Try looking for a config file first.


Because if you’re not American, English, or from the Netherlands, you need to make multiple threads and bug people about your question.