How to set up a HL2 mod using ep2 content properly? Developer of Domus asking for help!

I’m in some serious trouble right now and need some help.
Currently I’m developing my first full mod, Domus
I’ve come to the point where I have that much custom content, that I can’t work with Episode 2 anymore, so I must set up a proper mod.
Believe, I’ve tried this hundred times but I never get it work. Either Hammer Editor viewports are black OR all the Ep2-content is missing.
Here are the following Gameinfo.txts I’ve tried it…

^With this one Hammer editor looks normal but ALL the Episode 2-contet is missing!

^This one compiles perfectly with all custom and ep2-contet, BUT Hammer Editor doesn’t work! (viewports are black etc)

So what’s the deal here? Have anyone of you worked with a HL2 mod using ep2-content? How did you set up your Gameinfo.txt and Hammer Editor configurations?
Please help me here, otherwise I’m never gonna finish this project. Thanks.

Making a mod with 2009 setup is broken. You might be able to port the content you want out of the ep2 gcf into the 2007 mod setup.

I know, I’m working on 2007. I have thought of that, it just seems so troublesome extracting all the specific materials, models, soundscapes etc.
There’s got to be another way. If not… fuck.

Well…you could try and get valve to fix 2009.

If I recall correct there was a way to load content from an external folder
somewhere on your harddrives using TestPath, Test or something like this in your gameinfo.txt .
You could extract ep2 content in there and use it in hammer
and delete the entry in the gameinfo.txt when your mod was ready for release.

Oh sorry I can’t find it anymore must have been deleted from code.

maby you can make a folder named “content” in your mod folder with the content of ep2 in it and then use

Game |gameinfo_path|content

in your gameinfo.txt and delete it when you release your mod.

Sound doable, I might just try that. Thanks!

Let me know if you find a way because I’ve been trying to do exactly that for ages

I remember that from my gmod mapping years.
Just comfigure your mod to use source 2009 hammer.
And that should work, unless i forgot something.

Sure thing. It’s weird because there’s like tons of ep2-modders but no one seems to share their information.

I’ve tried everything to fix it short of a solution I saw on interlopers that involved a lot of code modification to force it to load content from other games. Didn’t seem worth the trouble.

Tried it with these settings:

Hammer Editor worked fine, with ep2 and custom content, but got bunch of errors in compile window and the game didn’t start at all.
This was in compile process window:

And this window appeared when the game should’ve pop up:

If I can’t get this work this way I’m probably just gonna work with ep2 hammer editor, compile the maps and place them in my mod’s “maps” folder.
And use this gameinfo:
SteamAppId 420
ToolsAppId 211

Change game executable to ep2/hl2.exe

No change, exactly same errors showing…

Okay I think I finally got it to work with following configurations:

These were the only suspicious lines in compile process window:

Otherwise everything worked fine, thanks Oskutin!

Those are for detailsprites, they won’t affect at all.
But you can fix that by editing the .vmt file or changing detail.VBSP from map properties.

Should I replace the default detail.vsb with ep2’s one?