How to set up a perp 2.5 Self hosted server

Hi i have alot of mates and stuff who like perp and i got the perp 2.5 files but i dont have a sql data base is there any way of running perp of my computer?

Kind regards Pon


You need a SQL database.

No? my mate does it without a SQL base he runs it all of his computer

Than go and ask your friend.

He said ask on facepunch some one on facepunch told me how to do it and he cant remeber

If you didn’t pay for PERP, it’s against the rules to ask for help on it. If you and your friend can pirate it, you can figure out how it works.

And you don’t need to bump a thread 1 hour after it’s posted.

it isnt pirated

Did you buy it?

lil buying perp, if i take a gamemode and u help what what is gonna happen to you PE is dead. all thats left is is their legacy and some gamemodes. I have perp and GMR what now.

Barely understood what you said. But I don’t think you understand, the forum rules say I can’t help. No one cares that you went on Drama Unlimited and downloaded PERP and GMR. Have fun running them on your server and configuring it though. Maybe you can help OP with your ego.

  • on topic* -i will look into this

  • off topic* -Natahster i dont care, perp and gmr anyone can use and get it. if someone asks for some help if you can its nice to help people out. Or why else would you be replying other to troll or make yourself seem like a jackass for posting i wont help u… bla bla anal beads.

KeS- im looking into getting a database and instructions for you to do this all from your computer, but first please start with port forwarding your router.

Ah ok thanks some one here is use full :smiley: ok im pF now

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-KeS im getting some files together for you

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What? How am I in any way new?? This is a alt :v: Also you say I have “anime” as my “profile pic” and I don’t help anyone. I just was telling him the rules, don’t be quick to defend your love. It’s funny how you say I am not helping, but all you did was just offer him more illegal content… That WONT WORK. I replied, so I guess I am DUM.

its not illegal u cant trademark gamemodes

and if you dont help anyone why are you here, read the forum title. and lol ur a DUM

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KeS is buy with work, teaching drumming lessons and life so i will have the files you need soon


Wow shit im late!!