How to set up a server Dark RP to serius RP

Hello everyone! I would like you to help me with this problem. I added many jobs in my server, but I wish this work should only be unlocked by the admin. For example, you know that in serius RP nobody from the beginning can be a captain. Well I would like to block all the work, so that people will only unlock through the admin. Many thanks in advance!

PS: On my server is installed ULX

I’m not sure what you mean.

There’s no such thing as “serius RP”.

Are you trying to create a DarkRP community but with strict rules about roleplaying?

Admin authorised jobs are in no means part of a serious roleplay.

I think he wants a system where people are promoted Star wars rp style via ulx and then they access jobs.

Makes sense in that scenario as they’re not really admins but just a higher “rank” under RP

Jelman understood what I mean. I’m Owner and I wish I could set the jobs to people after they have completed an update. As you do this?

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I did it but now when I press TAB instead of going out user, released the name of the work they have chosen. How do I make sure that more and bait user?

I know this forum is English only but if you write in Italian also, it might help us to understand.

English Version: Could someone help me? The question is very clear. I will do it differently. How do I set a server from darkrp to seriusrp. In serius servers, jobs are unlocked only by the admin. How do I set this?

Italian Version: Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi? La domanda è molto chiarà. La farò in modo diverso. Come imposto un server da darkrp a seriusrp. Conosci Gmod? Nei server serius, i lavori si sbloccano solo grazie all’admin. Come faccio per impostare ciò?

Hopefully the following will answer your question:

Thanks I had already figured out my problem. I enter the “SetJob” command in the ULX menu, except that I do not have the code. Someone could write it below? Many thanks in advance!

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In practice I can give the rank people as rp_ command of the user’s name work, only that unfortunately, does not save it. When the user logs off, on his return he has lost everything. Why?