How to set up Zombie RP?

I’ve been wanting to get a Zombie RP server going, and then edit it up with my own ideas in mind. I google’d around and found a few files on and downloaded them. I know there is the easy way to set it up by just setting Zombie Spawns in regular Dark RP, but how do I get the actual ZombieRP mode that is shown in the gamemodes for Gmod? Do I simply overwrite the DarkRP files with the new ZombieRP files or what? If someone could give me a basic guide to follow, I would be very thankful! Any help to this or links to getting this going are appreciated.

(Im a super noob when it comes to setting up this kind of crap, I have google’d the shit out of this but havent gotten any help.)

Thanks in advance!

ahhh I can try and help you here.

So no you don’t dump the files into darkrp. They are both seperate gamemodes.

Where is this ZombieRP you are getting?

You can make a ZombieRP with DarkRP by simply adding relevant map, jobs, weapons/items etc and then set the zombie spawns up.

I made a mad max type apocalypse server theme up by customising some of the DarkRP content. You had to pay money to spawn props to build defense on existing map builds (rp_apocalypse) and got money for each zombie kill.

Then I had 3 factions: an elite govt force, a mercenary group and then survivors.

Weapons were hard due to most weapons being all CS:S styled and not damaged/rusty etc.

But anyways if you can show me where this gamemode is suppose to live I can take a look at it for you.

Google led me to this:

I suppose just editing the basic Dark RP code would be more custom but time consuming. (only because i will go overboard with everything).

Says on How to install “put dark rp folder in gamemodes and not addons”, but then nothing else other than that on how to set the files up.

I know how to set darkrp into zombie rp

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okay youll see a dark.txt file right when you open darkrp
then rename it to ZombieRP.txt

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then goto gamemode inside darkrp

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then open cl_init.lue

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then where it says Darkrp
replace it with ZombieRP

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then there a file underit named init.lua
then do the same to it as you did to cl_init.lua