How to setup Hammer for gmod and mount game content to it!

I was bored and my friend wanted to setup hammer for gmod. So I wrote this and figured it might be useful to someone else.


1. Open Source SDK
Make sure Engine Version in the dropdown list is Source Engine 2009.

2. Click Edit Game Configurations
If Garry’s Mod isn’t in the dropdown list, click Add, otherwise click Edit.

Name should be Garry’s Mod.
Directory is the FULL path to garrysmod, where models/materials/sounds ect… is.

**EXAMPLE “F:\steam\steamapps

Click OK then click OK again.

4.Select Garry’s Mod from the dropdown on Current Game, if it dont show up,
change the Engine version to something else then back to 2009.

5. Open Hammer
Goto Tools -> Options

On the Game Configurations tab select Garrysmod from the dropdown.

In the game data files section, click Add, and browse to your garrysmod/garrysmod folder
and select garrysmod.fgd and hit Open.

Now to add the other games entities to hammer:

Click Add and browse to sourceSDK\bin\source2009\bin

You’re going to want to probally add


6. Now to edit the rest of the options

Texture Format: Materials(Half-Life 2)
Map Type: Half-Life 2
Default PointEntity class: info_player_start
Default SolidEntity class: func_detail
Cordon texture: tools/toolsskybox

Executable directory: $SteamUserDir\garrysmod
**Game Directory **: $SteamUserDir\garrysmod\garrysmod
Hammer VMF Directory: $SteamUserDir\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps

7. Now head over to the Build Programs tab

Select Garry’s Mod from the dropdown

Game executable: $SteamUserDir\garrysmod\hl2.exe
BSP executable: $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\source2009\bin\vbsp.exe
VIS executable: $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\source2009\bin\vvis.exe
RAD executable: $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\source2009\bin\vrad.exe
Compiled maps directory: $SteamUserDir\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps


8. Now hammers all ready for like awesome mapping and stuff for gmod


1. Download **GCFScape
1a. Make a new folder on your desktop while that’s downloading. Name it what you would like, its only a temporary folder.

2. now you’re going to want to goto your steam/steamapps directory

3 now open the GCF’s of the games you want to add to hammer.
Remember you only want Models, Materials, and Sounds

Normal ones are Counter-Strike, Episode 1 and Episode 2

counter-strike source shared.gcf - cstrike - materials, models, sounds

episode 1 shared.gcf - episodic - materials, models, sounds

episode two content.cfg - ep2 - models, sounds

episode two materials.gcf - ep2 - materials

Open the GCF’S, click the respective game folder. (cstrike ect)

hold CTRL and select the models, materials, and sounds folders

right click and hit **Extract **the folders to your newly created folder on your desktop.

Click OK

When that’s done, browse to your garrysmod/garrysmod folder and hold CTRL and select the materials ,models, and sounds folders from the folder on your desktop, and drag and drop them directly to garrysmod/garrysmod.

IF IT WANTS TO OVERWRITE ANYTHING SAY NO (it will screw up your garrysmod installation if you say yes)

Just do that for all the games you want to mount the content for

you can do multiple extractions if you wish.


Hope its helpful to others.

Extremely helpful for my OCD, thanks a bunch!

Your welcome!

Nicely done, I used to use this one:

I just set my gameconfig.txt in sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin to have the path of garrysmodbeta. It seems to work well enough with the sdk tools.

If I would have known about that one, I would have linked him that, haha.

Oi, SDK Works great, but look at what happened to garry’s mod!

This is what happens when you overwrite!

To be honest, it’s not mounting other game’s content. All this is is simply a reckless drag and drop, which everyone knows how to do anyways. What you could have explained was simply what specific folders within the models and materials/models to use rather than include absolutely everything, even default hl2 textures and models.

Well like I said in the first post, it was for a friend. I just decided to share it :slight_smile:

Does not work for me. I have no idea why it does not :suicide:

Because the guide is over 2 years old. Source SDK is gone for good. ( basically )