How to setup Hammer for Gmod ?

Since Gmod was converted to Steampipe, the Hammer in Source SDK doesn’t work.

How to set up Hammer for making Gmod maps ?

I would recommend Source Multi-Tool, and using a custom config to work with GMod.

I have to get Source SDK Base 2013 MP to use it ?


Use SP if you’re mapping with NPCs.

I setup everything for Gmod Hammer but source multi-tool thinks my Hammer is not setup after I saved the config.

Help please.

I bet the invaild slashes would make it mess up due to you not using an american keyboard (not your fault).

Hammer.exe in your counterstrike bin folder will work just as well. The only thing you will sacrifice is the gmod entities such as lua_run. If you plan on using those, then go with source multitool.

I only have csgo but not css
And I’m new to gmod so I don’t know what do you mean by lua_run.

It’s an entity. It allows you to do all kinds of cool stuff with lua

If you are new you probably won’t be using lua_run for quite some time.

Anyway, assuming you downloaded one of the SDK 2013’s use the hammer.exe found in it’s bin folder. You will just have to manually move the map (the .bsp file) to your gmods map folder.