How to setup your own Listen server!

** I mainly made this tutorial so people can stop making threads about it. **

**1. Port forwarding.
**A lot of people complain that others can’t connect to your listen server. You have to forward your ports. Go to, find and click on your Routers model and after, it will show a list of games. Find and Click on Half Life 2 Steam Server, and follow the instructions on the following page. If a huge ad comes up, just in the top right, click ‘Click here to skip this advertisement…’. And it will take you to the instructions page.

2. Going and making your server**.**
Now that you’ve port forwarded. You will want to create your server. So go to ‘Start new game’ in the Gmod menu and change the settings, gamemode etc, then press Start Multiplayer.
After you start the game, your server is now up and running, but there is more stuff you need to do.
3. Making your server show up in the right region. **
Now to make your server show up in the right place… type sv_region * into the console (* means number/value I’m going to give you)
The number/value determines where the server will be located under the filters, eg Australia or East US.
The numbers/values are as follows:

[li]East US - sv_region 0[/li][li]West US - sv_region 1[/li][li] South America - sv_region 2[/li][li] Europe - sv_region 3[/li][li] Asia - sv_region 4[/li][li] Australia - sv_region 5[/li][li] Middle East - sv_region 6[/li][li] Africa - sv_region 7[/li][li] The World - sv_region 255[/li][/ul]

** 4. IP Address. **
Now that thats done, restart the map and it should be in the region you chose.
Now when telling friends to join, give them your IP, if they go to ‘View Game Info’ in friends tab. It will say ‘Server is not responding’. This is because it is trying to connect to your local IP, not your external IP, to give them your external IP, go to Copy and paste the IP it gives you. Now, put the port on the end of the IP address. Generally it’s :27015 (For example mine : Now when you’ve put the port on the ip address… Give it to your friends to try out and play with you.
You’re all done! Now go play with some people that you don’t even know!

** Some notes, read them: **
NOTE: When you host your server it might be in Internet list, and it will definitely be in the LAN list. So if it’s not on the internet list, try to get someone to connect a few times, then fix your problem, or inform me, I can probably work about to fixing it.

ANOTHER NOTE: When installing addons for your listen server, install them like a normal one, just put them in your normal GMod directory.

ANOTHER NOTE (Thanks joeman.): To check if your ports are open, go to

ANOTHER NOTE: About 75kb/s of your upload speed will give you the ability to support an extra player, that includes yourself. Once more than that are on the server, it starts to lag the server, BAD!

ANOTHER DAMNED NOTE: You don’t need to type ‘sv_lan 0’ or ‘heartbeat’ because these are already done for you. So if someone can’t connect then you must have gone to singleplayer you sneaky, little bastard. :downs: (Unless of course it was a mistake)

So no one likes my first tutorial? :saddowns:

Nice tutorial


I’ve got a problem, my router isn’t on the list of

But is there similar model names? Because if there is, use them. It won’t make a difference. It should be the same page if its similar model name really.

Didn’t work.
“Server not Responding” even when using the

Testing it out now wish me luck, I have been trying for years. [REPLY] No luck :frowning: if you would like to help me add me on steam bob_24 and I will get you on teamviewer to help me

Hmm… Make sure you forwarded your ports properly, and make sure your NOT going Singleplayer.

Finally works! Pyro is my hero. I have a linksys wrt54gl router and it has given me nothign but trouble. After forwarding my ports to my static ip I still had no luck. The key thing here is anyone else who has had my same problem, where your ports are open but you still can’t play with your friends. Try giving them your external ip it worked for me! Thanks Pyro :slight_smile:

wrt54g is one of the most simple routers to configure for this…

here is another tool to make sure that your port is properly opened…

You dont have to open any ports with them with most other apps because they have had Upnp for a long time. I.E., torrent apps flow through automatically. But its a very simple punching of numbers and checking a little check box.

Here is a picture of what it looks like

Your local IP addresses (192.168.x.x) may/probably will be different. That is just an example.
Should be VERY similar for any other brand router, they all have these simple HTML interface pages you can log into… including lots of things like uverse that have an “all in one” box, its really just a gateway router.

Ok so, I have been having fun playing gmod on my own server. One issue it cannot show up in the server list and or favourites, by adding my server ip to it still no luck someone teamviewer help me.

Yes, ummm I’m bumping this so no one makes threads about it (you know, the 10’ers)

Does anyone even look at my threads? I need feedback…

I shall try this later, I’ve never been able to make a server in tf2 and gmod, wish me luck.

Your thread is great and everything. Only problem is I can’t get past Step 1

I have an Echo Life HG520 router, which isn’t listed. Infact NO Echo Life routers are. What can I do?

You can also take this as a bump so people still don’t make another thread :slight_smile:

Yay, I was just about to search for my thread, okay, in browsers URL bar, then username + password (usually password/admin) and then find something called ‘Forward Ports’ or ‘Port Forwarding’ The options should be UDP 27015-27020 and TCP 27015-27015. There, forwarded ports, move on to step two now.

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Thanks a lot, trying in a little while.

Thanks, but no one is replying, most tutorials I see get more replies.