How to sew displacements?

I don’t understand how to sew, even if the displacements are aligned they still won’t sew when i select both of their faces and select sew. Am I doing something wrong?

Displacement: Sewing displacements

The two edges you want to sew together have to be matching up to the exact same opposite vertex points.

Are they different dimensions?

No, how do do I tell if I sewed it or not? I have two perfectly identical floors in size, put them up to eachother, make them displacements, create the displacement, and try to press sew on them.

if there are no gaps, they are sewn

There are gaps though…

Then it hasn’t sown properly. Give us a picture of the situation, words aren’t working.

You must select 2 adjacent displacements with the exact same length and width and displacement power or else it will not work properly.

Sewing is a bastard for me too, you are not alone!

The other brush is a displacement as well.

It doesn’t merge two displacements, it just makes sure both of them have edges that match up

Those are joined up, as far as I can see.

Bah, really? I thought it connected both of the displacements.

Your description of things is very vague and frustrating. By all definitions of the word ‘connect’, it DOES connect displacements. Please consider your sentences.

I thought it merged the displacements.

ffs man. STFU! it doesnt merge them. god…

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Thankyou! :slight_smile:


He said thought, past tense, he did nothing wrong and you flamed him, you do that quite a lot round here and it’s very annoying.

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