How to show PrintMessages in my custom chatbox?

Hi guys,

Well, I recently made a custom chatbox with custom gui tags and everything and I need to know one simple thing to complete it:

How do I get PrintMessage functions to show up in my chatbox?

I have everyone’s chat working, along with DEAD and (TEAM) and the console shows up too if I rcon speak, but I just can’t figure out how to display PrintMessages

Please reply with an example script, thanks.

Replace every time you use PrintMessage with ChatPrint, then override chat print with:
local meta = FindMetaTable(“Player”)
function meta:ChatPrint(str)
– Do custom stuff here

Well, is there a hook or something I can use to replace it? Because I am using this chatbox on a fretta server and some of the gamemodes use PrintMessage (e.g. Garryware)

Nevermind, I found that I could use the ChatText gamemode hook to call “other than player” messages. Plugged it in and everything works fine, thanks for your help though.