how to skin hl2 npcs for gmod

hi, i really want to make my own npc re-skins, so i want to change barny to look like something else, how do i do this ?

I have got the gcfscape and vttfedit.

What I would of thought is \garrysmod\materials\models\barney
then in \barney i would have 1 the material and then the other file for the config of it with the directory.

I dont know what the other files that i think should be in \garrysmod\models. - .mdl and .phy

If anyone has a guide somewhere please link to it, i basically want to know how to change textures for things like props and walls.

I have been googling it all day, so i thought i should make a new thread about it
please please someone help me.

You need to open the Half Life 2 GCF file. It’s in the games directory, and there is generally one for every steam game you have installed. That’s what GCFScape is for, to open GCF files. Then you can find the models and textures there.

do you mean garrys mod content?

In this case i can only find the files in garrys mod content i have opened all of the hl2 gcf’s All what was there was the maps and scenes

It also could be source 2007 shared materials

God I don’t know any more I need a starting to point before I can keep guessing, which one is?

The default textures are all in source materials.gcf and source 2007 shared materials.gcf. You’ll find what you’re looking for in there.

I don’t know still, sorry for being such a noob
I basically want to know how to make a skin for an npc such as Barney.
What do i do ? I know this is a long percudure but there is no guide online

And not just npcs I would love to know how to** change materials for existent props** and with** what tools and file directories**.

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it’s going to be incredibly difficult at first but it’s not as bad as actually modeling

No, there are shit loads of guides online, you just don’t have a clue what to look for. We are telling you exactly what you need to do. Please read the tutorial confinedUser posted and only come back if you REALLY can’t figure it out. Thanks.