How to slow decay rate on my server?

I’m running a vanilla server. Things are decaying too fast. What is the command and how can I use it to slow the decay?

decay.scale 0 in console as admin (0 = no decay, 1=normal decay — you can use decimals). Note that I’m pretty sure this will stop twig decay as well.

I don’t think it will make you modded, but it might. Some legacy console switches did, not sure about Experimental.

If you want to go modded, I made a plugin that controls decay:


console command changes won’t make it “modded” as far as i know. it comes down to plugins.

Just a thing to check, back in Legacy there were several toggles like this and some of them made the server modded. Altering the crafting speed for instance made your server modded, while other settings like no fall damage didn’t, etc. I haven’t seen any indication that any Experimental settings are like that, but I’d just keep an eye on it.