How to Solo Rust | A Shmo's Guide

Let me know what you think of the video :slight_smile:

I kinda liked it, but I think it’s more a Rust Cribs, or how to Rust kinda vid then a solo guide.

Some solotips.

Isolation & Preperation:
Step 1: Hit boars and trees with your stone axe while traveling to the middle of nowhere until you have enough resources for a small furnace and a sleepingbag and place them in a bush as soon as you are in an agreeable area to ensure that you can spawn near your future house and don’t lose everything in case you get killed.

Step 2: Place your house a bit away from your furnace and sleepingbag, and make your house look like there is nothing to loot.
You could achieve this by making it look like the house

  • already got raided, for example by having some walls float midair by destroying the foundations underneath
  • was build by an inexperienced builder, for example by placing a wall the wrong side out or by making one wall sheetmetal (and connected to an empty room), wasting raider resources by insinuating either ez access or a lootroom.
  • was build in a very early pre-furnace stage, for example by using a outer wooden door with unlocked keylock or by using wooden outer walls combined with a reinforced inner lootroom. (A visible codelock already betrayes the availability of a furnace.)

Step 3: Don’t logout before you have at least stone walls, sheetmetal doors and codelocks, or you will have to start all over again when you relogin the next day.

These are great tips man. Thanks.