How to split items suggestion.

To split a stack of items first hold down shift, then click and drag the stack you wish to split. Then the same interface that is used on the code door locks pops up (the keypad). You enter how big you wish to make the stack using the on-screen numpad and then your new stack is created in the amount you entered. A bonus option on the keypad is to set amount of stacks to create using the stack size you entered. So you say I want 5 stacks of 50 wood created out of this 256 stack. When you press enter the 5 stacks of 50 are then created in your inv and the remaining 6 is left over. The ability to use your numpad on your keyboard to enter the amount is a must too, much faster than having to click the numbers. Put this in the game, thanks :slight_smile:

nah, way too artificial.

i can agree with the whole “shift to grab half” kind of ideas though. it needs to be simplified and made more accurate, but not with a floating keypad.

What if when you were ‘holding’ an item (the time between moving between one slot and other), you could use the mouse-wheel to scroll between the amounts picked up?

I remember seeing a slider concept for adjusting the quantity to grab, that functioned a lot better than trying to use the item icon.

i dont really like your suggestion but i agree something really needs to be done about spitting stacks at the moment its a real pain and i hate it.

I remember playing Black & White 1 where u could hold ur left mouse button and grab wood/grain… The longer u held ur mouse button the more wood/grain u would take… This would be ok in rust i guess… But only as a shift click option though…
Left click should just grab all… shift click should be some kind of splitting system…

Not everyone has a scroll wheel

I don’t think you count as a person if you don’t have a scroll wheel. :smiley:

it should be the same as it was in Legacy, i think you had to press Shift, and you could type in the exact number you wanted, i think that’s how it went, i could be wrong but it was something like that.

I also saw that little concept but when you have a stack of 500,000 wood that would make it very hard to grab an exact amount, hence my idea. The larger the stack size the harder it is to split it as needed. The keypad, if used with the numpad on your keyboard, could be extremely fast too. Hold shift, click-drag enter 60 on your numpad and hit enter. As long as the game responds fast enough the whole process shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to create a stack. The default #of stacks would always be 1.

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I guess it could be done without the keypad popping up. You just shift click n drag and then type in a number with your numpad and it subtracts it from the original stack?

i’m thinking even simpler, like say hold shift, and every click adds 10 to the stack or something.

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