How to start lua scripint/coding

I know a little bit about Lua scripting and I want to learn how to make custom HUDS and websites are pretty easy to make and so forth but I want to learn how to lua script for GMOD mostly.
I have looked for every tutorial possible and none have helped so I am asking how developers learned how to code when they first started because I really want to be a good developer and make my own server. I am not stupid but I have trouble just knowing where to start and what to do. I have srcds right now with a Darkrp gamemode (Yes I used darkrp just as coding practice so don’t shit yourself). I am currently just trying to add my own characters and custom weapons from addons. Please tell me how you learned how to lua code and good books or tutorials. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated,I do not want to hire people because I want to do it msyself so I don’t have to worry.