How to start out in RUST

  1. Find a pig and hit it with the rock.
  2. Get wood piles and hit it with a rock.
  3. Hit rocks.
  4. Make a little shelter.
  5. Cook the food.
  6. Make a Hatchet.
  7. Get wood and materials.
  8. Start to craft Wood Planks.
  9. Make a house.
  10. Have FUN!

I recommend a bow before a shelter. With a bow you can take down any of the PvE enemies currently and will get you clothed quicker. Shelter is something you may want to hold off on (this depends on server population, PvE/PvP, etc). Bow+Arrows first then Hatchet has worked better for me, just a suggestion though. I basically switched after watching the Zero Punctuation review.

I would suggest the first thing you wanna make is a hatchet > Bow > Clothes > shelter

I think the first thing is a slepping bag
I dont have any use for a bow if i loose evrything after i am dead
but with a sleeping bag i can just respawn there
depending on the place you are in its also a lot faster to get a shelter than to get a bow

mine is
hit what ever I find first
but I build a hatchet first to quicken the harvest
then try to find animal for food
I almost always find animal when im at 50-700 calories lol but got plenty of wood and stones.
the I make a bow and cook
then I kill more animals and make cloths
then build a foundation and pillars and walls and doorway and go search more animals to make a furnace and sleeping bag together
and then make metal door.
something like that. depends on day
ight cycle im logging in

long story short
my priority is
sleeping bag

getting raw chickens and 5 cloth
some basic nodes/trees
12 arrows
killing some 4-5 zombies
if no pickaxe found in zombies -> stone hatchet.
getting another 1-2 iron/sulfur nodes
finding abandoned/raided small house with furnace and workbench
place sleeping bag
smelt iron/cook food while u get ~120 wood for walls/doorway/chests to replace
dont go too far away. Hitting some trees next to your house will also do the job, you dont want your stuff get stolen.
come back and craft metaldoor

for now you are safe, except c4 and griefing.
next step would be to block at least my entrance with another foundation and pillar
so they cant trap me.