How to stop admins doing everything

On my server admins can edit what they want in settings like prop limits and so one and it is very annoying. I would like to make it so only super admins can edit these things. I would have tried it my self but every time i have tried things in the past i just mess it up. whether thers just an individual thing i have to do or for each seperate one i have to do something. (this is for assmod by the way)The things i want to make super admin only are changing limits, restricting things, giving people no clip and possibly some others. Would this fix the no clip problem:

change this to Admin?
if (PLAYER:IsTempAdmin()) then

local TO_RECIEVE = ASS_FindPlayer(ARGS[1])
local ALLOW = tonumber(ARGS[2])

if (ALLOW != 0 && ALLOW != 1 && ALLOW != -1) then

if (!TO_RECIEVE) then

ASS_MessagePlayer(PLAYER, "Player not found!


if (TO_RECIEVE:IsBetterOrSame(PLAYER)) then

// disallow!
ASS_MessagePlayer(PLAYER, “Access denied! “” … TO_RECIEVE:Nick() … “” has same or better access then you.”)


Use lua tags.