How to stop gun duplicating

So I started an RP server a couple months ago running a modified Dark RP script, and it’s been good except a couple retards seem to have an endless supply of guns which are unbuyable. Basically, I gave a player an admin gun, he died and lost it, and now there are 12,000 of that gun on the server. The duplicator tool has been restricted since the server began so I’m wondering how this is happening. Anyone got an idea how to stop this?, short of perma-banning anyone caught with the gun.

Edit: You should probably message me if you’re going to tell me, so the general public doesn’t find out how to gun dupe.

How do you gun dupe?

Can someone please help me out here?

So your saying that when you restart the map or server and lets say let the server run for an hour there are people with admin guns when you come back?

Do you have Adv.dupe? If so is it restricted?

No, I do not have advanced duplicator, and restarting the map doesn’t clear weapons because there is an inventory system. Thanks for the help though. I guess I’m dealing with a server full of diabolical geniuses.

I guess I’ll just sweep the server inventory, sucks, but everyone having admin guns is an even worse problem.

Whats your server btw, I’ve been in need of a good RP server anyways :smiley: