How to stop rock to gun in under 5 mins

I know devs have already touched on wanting to add more barriers so that you arnt kevlar gun god in just a few lucky moments. I thought I would add my idea on how to help accomplish this. There should be exp - achievement systems with limit talent trees.

For example, you start at 0 with just your rock and torch and such, Once you build your first shelter, it unlocks more crafting for you, and perhaps points to put into a talent tree. And put gun use deep into a talent tree, so you have to progress far to use a gun, you may find them…but they will be unuseable.

And I hate to say it, but i think its needed. WHEN YOU DIE YOU LOSE EXP. This will add risk to base raiding. And to the people who throw down sleeping bags and just bum rush people. It will make you think…is the risk worth raiding that house, is it worth losing my ability to use guns for a while?

Some trees I would like to see:

Home defender: this would focus on giving you perks when you are in your own shelter/home to defend it. Things like “When in a house/shelter with your own door ((or door you have a passcode on)) you gain faster reload, or resistance to damage”. They would also gain crafting recipes that are deep in the tree that are only useable to them. Things maybe like traps, or cannons for defense.

Survivalist: This tree is for people who prefer the open wilderness, they road is their bride. they get bonuses like “Move slightly quicker when in forst area” or “bonuses to food eaten” and “bonus bow damage”. Their crafting special would give them things like crossbows, or maybe a camoflauge option.

Assault: these are the psychopaths who rush headlong to raid a fort. Their get perks like “larger clips” and “chance to craft double c4”. Their deep crafts would be for other siege options and perhaps better weapon mods.

Builder: This man is a master base builder, while others defend it, he crafts the home. Things like “reinforced walls” or “small hidden wall safes”. This man would definately be wanted on a team to build homes and new forts. HIs deep crafting would be things like maybe trap doors, or traps aswell.

Wow, they are all really good ideas! I’d love to see that. I am especially interested in the camouflage aspect of it all. Setting traps up, hiding in a tree, ghillie suit etc… That would be amazing!

Oh yay, a system copied from tons of other games, and an incentive that makes KoS an even more effective way of keeping rock users in their place than it already is! :smiley:

Although I like the idea of added depth to the game, and your ideas would certainly add alot of depth, I don’t think the idea of skill trees and exp is right for the feel of rust. Those have all already been done by many many other MMO’s out there. the ones i got burnt out on. I would prefer to see Rust continue to be a breath of fresh air and build upon it uniqueness. just my humble opinion tho.

I certainly agree with that. Being unique is definately one of the reasons games like wow were so sucessful, and its clones werent. And these arn’t intended to be, MUST DO THIS TO DO GOOD. rather, a way to get ideas flowing and the community to help determine what it wants, collectivly.

i think the experience system limits the freedom of choices the player has. and they already stated that they want this game all about freedom of choices.

The biggest issue is the exp system would encourage kos more and raiding also would increase because its just safer than gathering (yhea gathering 1 rock is safer than raiding 1 base but from 1 base you get stuff you would get from hours of gathering)
And after a bit of time you would have some big groups that are max skilled sitting full armed in their houses while the bambis would even have a chance to fight back and it would be nearly impossible to get any equip for them because they cant defend their home

I think that the spawning of guns and armor is what lets people advance so quickly. Find a gun with ammo, blow away 1 or 2 people gathering resources that couldn’t find a gun. Bam, top of the food chain with a bit of luck. Towns should just be for blueprints/research kits and maybe parts for crafting some future items. Unlucky people that just find flares and water are forced to gather resources the slow way and are at the mercy of the armed people.

Devs have said before that experience, point, XP, RP, Class, or any other system will NOT be implemented because these systems limit the freedom of a player. People allways asked for a way to identify bandits. hey, I hate bandits myself too. But putting a “red crosshair” on someones head because he is a bandit, is just not natural and free enough. In real life, I could beheave very well to my towns folk, and murder innocents for their loot when nobody from my town is around (like the Governor :smiley: ) and no one will know.
Also, yes it is silly for a cavemen to build an m4a1 by just looking at a blueprint, but a level/class system is not the way to go. It limits freedom, and makes the life of new beginners much harder. The pro players that allready have 12021213 m4’s in their boxes will have an even easier job this way.

Other suggestions for minimizing this would be to take weapons out of crates, increase radiation in radiation zones, or increase necessary materials for crafting guns. I agree with the fact that guns are too easy to get right at the beginning but I for one am not a fan of a skill tree system in this game.

My biggest issue with this is that I don’t spend my entire time in any one of these trees. I adore the fact that I can change up my playstyle at any given time on a moments notice. Even if we could reset these trees an infinite amount of times, the time it takes to reallocate points wastes precious daylight and inhibits the flexibility of the game.

How’s about adding some bonuses for cooperative play? Every 30 minutes you spend with a player without murdering them you get 100 xp, or something.

Anybody who is new, starting out is not easy. This sounds like a good way to create an even larger separation between players. It sounds like this idea would be creating another treadmill game. I hate multiplayer treadmill games as it feels more like work than fun. Running around finding loot and not dying is much more fun than killing NPC spawn for hours so I can finally hold a 9mm.

I think the problem your trying to solve is how far the jump is. Cloth bowman to Kevlar M4 is a huge separation. They probably need to take out high capacity automatic weapons or rethink it a bit. It sounds like you want more of a classic RPG where I really like the new idea of a sandbox.

I think this is a terrible idea because it takes away the hole freedom do what you want aspect to the game.