How to stop some of the Mayhem going on at the moment.

Herro dere, One of the possible solutions right now to stop all the mayhem and shiet that’s going on right now with the hackers and the dupe and so on, is limit C4 to 1 per stack, because the only items you can dupe are stacks, which is like most of the dupes I’ve seen so far on rust.

That’s just a quick fix for the raiding and the 100’s of C4, now I’m going to give everyone else a tip, make your house atleast a 3x3 and start storing your good stuff in the middle, on the 2nd floor.

Helk, You know where to contact me if you want more advice from me.

They’d dupe the components instead. Zero effect.
clever but not enough.

But atleast it would delay the raids by tenfolds. You have to keep in mind it takes 2 minutes per charge lol. At just 30 charges thats already an hour. And if they really wanted to quick fix it I would make it nonstackable and take 4-5 minutes per charge just temp.

They wouldn’t bother to try craft them.

So because C4 doesn’t stack all of us bandits wouldn’t bother crafting C4 to continue raiding?

Try again. It would have 0 effect.

No, it Really would, It takes 2 minutes to craft a C4 Each, They are not going to spend 2 hours to craft 60 C4 now are they?

Yes they would. Why wouldn’t they?

I’m just going to ignore your stupid comment.

It seems that you want to nerf C4 to the point that it’s practically unusable… You’d probably be better off making the claim that they should remove it altogether.

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What’s stupid about it?

The obvious solution is to leave the game up for an hour while doing something else.

Exactly. I don’t understand why BlackRain seems to think that it won’t happen… because it certainly will. Also, I still don’t know why you think my post was stupid.

Of course they will…

It’s a completely automated process, as long as you have the materials ready to craft. All they would do is start the crafting jobs and go watch a movie for two hours, checking in periodically to ensure nobody is interrupting them.

You really don’t seem to get it, and it’s a very simple (and by no means new) concept. I’ll assume you’re new to sandbox gaming and leave it at that.


i do that now…start a big craft like a bunch of walls…then i go smoke a bowl and when i come back its done

They would do it.

It’s called doing something else while your character crafts… like watch TV, grab some food, go for a drive, etc…

It takes forever to craft a wood ceiling but that doesn’t mean I haven’t crafted at least 30 of them for my house.

Or they could just fix the duping problem altogether?

This… of course, it’ll take time to fix, but I’d much rather them spend time on the root cause rather than put bandaid fixes and nerfs in to temporarily pacify the QQ’ers.

This would do absolutely nothing other than to punish legitimate players. If a person is going to dupe a stack of 5 charges 100 times, what do you think is going to stop them from duping a stack of 1 500 times?

He just stated above that the popular dupe may rely on the items being stackable. Now, for this to work, the ingredients also can’t be stackable… So it kinda falls apart then, but you have some idea what he’s getting at.

Still reckon the C4 ‘recipe’ should need a detonator or blasting cap, which can’t be crafted and must be found. If that’s not stackable, and neither is the C4 itself, then they can’t dupe with the well-known cheats. Game is still in alpha so of course other dupe methods may be found, but it’s progress.

Make c4 not stackable, this will fix the dupe method.

Make c4 crafting time 30 minutes - if you wanna raid put in work bra! If it takes you to build a house in 3 hours then people should take 3 hours to destroy it. Plus all the stuff they get from it.

Plus most C4’s are from drops, the explosives you can only get from drops…for beginners it would be impossible to craft them until you get a airdrop.

Fix dupe is probably really easy, there’s probably a formula for stacks somewhere in the code that craps out.