how to stop the dog in evocity?

i can hear a dog in all evocity maps on my gmod darkRP server.
is there a way to stop it?

It’s a sound file within the map. So not really. Just like you can’t stop the sound of traffic in Bigcity. I mean you could do stopsound in console, but you’d get 3 seconds of quiet before it started back up again. Or you could actually modify the map and I’m sure you would be able to remove the sound files and add the modified version to your server but that’s about all the options you have.

Must be bugging you only - because I’ve played on that map and never really even noticed it.

Make sure your server is up to date.

ben struckling with this in about 3-4 weeks on and off. and the solutien is updating gmod Lol I bought i server a month a go and same thing not updatet Lol Thans alot for the advise :slight_smile:

Hrm didn’t know this was an actual bug going around. Again, I never noticed it on these maps.