How To Stop This?

How can I stop this? Basically I have a skybox on top of the wall but I can see over it into the town… Any help is much appreciated!

Emm, it’s meant to be like that because it’s not in the players “visual set” meaning they can’t see over the wall so that’s why nodraw texture is applied to it.

Flatten the skybox so it meets the top of the wall, or raise the height of the wall to the top of the skybox for an easy fix.

You might also want to use an occluder or a skip brush since they tell vvis you’re not supposed to see anything on the other side of the wall. I’m probably horrifically wrong on this since I have zero clue when it comes to optimization, but someone will likely correct me.

Occluders are for hiding entities behind a brush, so you’re wrong with this one :P.
Not sure if hints and skips are useable for that though.

Either way, it works the same way when a nodraw touches a brush face - it makes you see through it.

I tried using a wall of “hint” around it and still the same bug. I don’t know how to fix it, the skybox meets the wall and everything.

Yes but raising the wall will make it look ugly and the thing is, I got this VMF off a forum post. Its downtown, and on the map it doesn’t have this glitch and mine is exactly the same?

You’re using an unauthorized, decompiled version of downtown_v2 or a derivative thereof and will experience varying mileage in weirdness, poor FPS, and errors like these. This is a simple solution to the problem, someone else might have a better solution, but short of directly obscuring that view, this will continue to happen since the sky entity doesn’t block sight.

As was stated earlier, the screenshot you posted is viewing something a normal player would not unless they’re propsurfing or noclipped. That wall serves as a visual barrier for a reason; it optimizes the map by obstructing a normal person’s view and hides the higher skybox of the area on the other side.

The original map likely had an obscuring optimization brush that was removed somewhere in the 25 compile/decompiles this Frankenstein monster of a map has seen.

Im using the VMF the the_pro released so its not unauthorized or decompiled.

Actually, you’re using some form of a decompile or somesuch of v4c, my mistake.

Use of areaportals in tunnels helps with this. Also adjusting skybox wont hurt. Its good idea.

Can you expand on this please?

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This is the problem:

Update: Still no fix!

Can’t find anything on google either!

Do you have leaks on this map ? are you compiling with VVIS ? Please, post your compile log.

Already working on fixing this for him. Massive leaks throughout the map and some bad exterior map texturing problems. I’m compiling it tonight and seeing if it remedies the issue.

rp_downtown has been edited to such an extent, by so many inexperienced people, that I will be surprised if you manage to successfully fix this issue. The map is like that because there is a leak - causing the optimization to fail - and there are going to be so many leaks because so many people did a botched job at editing this map and then releasing it.

I 100% agree you, but you need to understand the demand for downtown in the darkrp community.

rp_downtown is so broken. Dunno why i don’t see it in vmf’s but i personally found that using areaportals in all the allyways and tunnels helps with optimization and leaks.
Place areaportals in similar spots.

Even 2 areaportals per tunnel wont hurt much. It may help with map being rendered when in different zones.

If someone cared enough, he / she should create a copy of downtown with proper brushes, without leaks and properly optimized, then release the VMF to let kids have their go at it. At least, it’ll be hated, but it might decrease the amount of shit we have now. It’ll just have shit maps being replaced by little less shit maps.

Too much work to be done. It’s better to either use some new map, and there are some good ones or in the same time create a map yourself from scratch.