How to stream MP3.

What is the most effective method to stream MP3 files in game?

Uhh, you mean from server to client? Or client to client?

With a vanilla version of Gmod, you can stream music with HTML, though I wouldn’t suggest it as it’s not very efficient. I do recall seeing a module called “gm_bass” or something that can do it better than HTML, I believe.

From server to client.
I assume there is a module to do so.
If I wanted a stream to play within the proximity of an entity.

better than html only module which auto-uploads music to clients and play it (or something like this)

It’s pretty crazy how many topics are made for this.

Download this it is great for gmod


I would recommend these instead (if they still work):
MuseX Music Player
MuseX Media Player

made by Jinto.

MuseX should still work, yes.

Dude I’ve been looking for that module for ages. Thanks for telling me the name.