How to stream rust in full screen in xplit ?

How to stream rust in full screen in xplit ?


I use OBS, but cannot stream when I use Full Screen with Unity. I end up dealing with the borders of the web browser, and stream in Full Window instead.

dude is it so hard to google this stuff

Xsplit or obs it’s the same full screen browser then full window option not full screen the option at the bottom right not bottom left

You need to put the “flash” window as stream prio if you are gonna stream fullscreen, but you cant really do that cause the flash or fullscreen shuts down into windowed again if you tab out.

I stream this game with OBS also. The way to get rid of the borders of the browser is to make the browser itself fullscreen. I use google chrome and all you have to do is click the tab up top and push F11 , this will make your browser fullscreen.

I also play the game in full window*

Use screen region, and click and drag and make it fit.