How To Survive Your First 20 Minutes In Rust (PVP Server).

So you’re a naked man tossed into the middle of an island with nothing but a rock, 2 bandages, and a torch. You’ve probably died a few times already trying to get started out, and maybe you are feeling disappointed. Do not despair! A good lot to surviving the first 20 minutes can be attributed to luck, getting a good run in. Along with that I have put together a list of tips that seem to work for me when starting fresh on a new server with PVP on it. I am not saying this is a definitive guide, just a few things that I’ve done to increase my life span.

  1. RUN! I’ve found that the majority of the time you spawn in one of three places. A) On the coast, B) near the road, or C) in an open field full of resources. These are places that other players like to hang out, and where you DO NOT want to be for an extended period of time. So as soon as you spawn, hit the ground running. Don’t even look first, because you are a stationary target. Decide where you’re going once you’ve started running. Look for a tree line, and I suggest you then book towards the nearest mountain. Mountains are full of little hidden pieces of grass surrounded by tall rocks that will hide you from view.

  2. Get someplace high. Once you’ve found a nice little place in the mountains to hide, climb up and have a look around from a better vantage point. Don’t just stand still, or spend too much time looking though, as you are a more visible target. Try to locate the nearest source of resources, and wild life.

  3. Get a stone hatchet. This is your number one tool priority right now. Once you’ve found a place with some resources, gather some wood and stone. Try to find places with wood nodes though, and don’t waste your time on single trees.

  4. Get food. You’ll notice that your food is going down and soon you’ll be hungry. Now that you have a stone ax, you can hunt. There are six types of animal you’ll find: deer, pigs, rabbits, chickens, wolves, and bears. Do not waste your time with deer right now! They are fast, harder to hunt, and take 4 strikes with the ax to kill. Also, when they run sometimes they tend to lead you into the path of bears or wolves, which will then start chasing you. Pigs are a bit easier to hunt because they are slower than deer and you can pretty much just run behind them while swinging your ax, whereas with the deer you have to keep sneaking up on it each time it stops running. Thing is, while chasing pigs, you can also easily find yourself crossing paths with wolves or bears, and also you’re less observant of other players around. What I do is once I have my stone ax, I go head to head with a wolf. They don’t run away. Sure, you are going to come VERY CLOSE to dying (so have a bandage ready), BUT wolves provide more food and cloth than pigs or deer. Enough that you only have to kill one in order to craft your sleeping bag. Once you have your food, run back to your mountain hiding spot, build a campfire, and cook it.

  5. Build a wood shelter and sleeping bag. Yes, the wood shelter is crappy and erodes quickly, but it’s fine for starting out. Find a place well hidden from the fields, coast, or road in the mountains and build your shelter with a door. If you took my advice and killed a wolf, you should also have enough cloth to immediately build your sleeping bag which allows you to respawn at your shelter if you die. If you killed a pig or a deer, you’re going to have to kill a few of them before you have the 15 cloth needed for your sleeping bag.

  6. Build a bow and some arrows. By now you know where the resources are and the basic lay of the land around your shelter. Gather some wood, and stones, then build yourself a bow with some arrows. Having a projectile weapon is very important, especially for hunting. The bow is excellent for hunting because it deals high damage, you can kite bears or wolves while shooting them, and it’s SILENT so other players can’t hear you blasting away in the woods around your house, follow the sound, and kill you.

  7. Find a place to build your “permanent” hut. Now you have the basics for surviving, it’s time to build a more solid roof over your head where you can have more tools (furnace, workbench, storage, etc). Take some time to scout out your mountain location, collecting resources as you go along. In the mountains there are TONS of places that are small valleys deep in the middle of large rock formations that keep you hidden from high traffic view. Find a nice, hidden piece of real estate, and check your crafting tab to find out how much it costs to make 2 foundations, 6 pillars, 2 ceilings, 2 doorways, and 5 walls. You want a TWO ROOM HUT. That way if anyone does happen to run up into your front door, they have another closed door in front of them where you keep your loot. Also, it gives them 2 doors to chop down if they want your stuff. In the back room keep your storage boxes, sleeping bag, and furnace for sure.

  8. Be smart about the day/night cycle! I can’t stress this enough. Do all your smelting/cooking in the daytime because the light from the fire is highly visible at night, and if you have a place hidden in the mountains, that light will reflect off the rocks. People in Rust are like moths. Also, try to do as much resource gathering as you can at dusk and dawn when people are trying to stay in for the night. If you can, even try to do some gathering when it’s early night out.

Anyhow — from there you can move in any direction you want. Those are just 8 tips I have found useful in having a longer lifespan in PVP servers. Hope it helps.


Wanted to add a few things:

- Do NOT try to use a rock against a wolf. It will not kill it before it kills you.

- Do not build windows AT ALL! I don’t care if it’s on a higher story. There are raiders who carry ramps, foundations, pillars, and stairways just for the purpose of climbing up to a window and hopping in. If you want windows on a higher story of your house, BUILD DOORS! They can’t just be hopped into, and during a firefight they can be opened and closed like metal shutters to protect you from gunshots.

**- On a PVP server try NOT to build UP as much as you can. The higher your house, the more visible it is. **

Thanks for the guide! I will definitely be following your tips.

Is it possible to contain the light from fires or furnaces so that it can’t be seen from the outside?

Unfortunately no matter what you build, light from the fire will leak out. Maybe in the future they might add something to dampen light, but as for right now the night time is so PITCH BLACK that even the smallest bit of light is extremely visible.

Just wanted to say nice guide.

PS I rated your post optimistic by mistake.