How to take films in gmod?

I know how to take snapshots and how to pose ragdolls but when you place a camera, How do you film with it? What button do you press and also, After filming, Where do you find the videos on your computer? Sorry, I’m a bit of a noob at this.

You need a screenrecorder such as FRAPS to record videos.

Thanks I downloaded it, It’s going to take some practice but still, Thanks. One final thing though to say here instead of making a new topic, How do you bring up the console and what do you type to get rid of the physgun laser and make it invisible? Again, I’m a noob at this :slight_smile:

To bring up the console you need to enable it by going to Esc Menu > Settings > Keyboard > Advanced > "Enable Developers Console ()", and then pressing the or ~ key in game. There are various addons that make the physgun not draw its laser, and some that come with extra goodies like hiding the HUD and your player.

You don’t need the console for this. You can hide the “laser” pointer from the spawn menu(Q) settings. Check the screenshot below to see where it is exactly. You should note that you need to have a decent computer to record with fraps, “stop motion” is a perfect and easier alternative if fraps will be too powerful for your computer.

Also check these two short videos, they will teach you the basics about creating your own video and how to avoid “noob mistakes”:
Garry’s Mod Machinima Tutorial 1: Getting Started (Source Engine)
Garry’s Mod Machinima Tutorial 2: Phys Gun Basics (Source Engine)

Thanks a lot, Very helpful