How to tell what materials a model uses?

Hello, Is there a way I can tell what the names of the materials are that the model uses as I’m having trouble, Some of it is purple and black and I need to find what i’m missing.

You could use a hex editor and open the .mdl file with it. At the bottom, there are material paths and the names of the .vmt files it uses.

Go into hlmv, load up the model, then under the ‘model’ tab there is a window labelled “VMTs Loaded”. There will be a complete list of the VMTs and where they should be.

That only applies when the model is able to find the VMTs it is looking for. If it can’t, it’s not helpful at all.
I’d recommend what Watevaman said, it’ll always show you all of the materials the model searches for, and where it looks for them.