How to test if a player is in a steam group error

Well, I want to make it so a player becomes a group if he is in the steamgroup.

Is this how?

http.Fetch( "",

local meta = FindMetaTable("Player")
function meta:CommunityID()
	local steamid = self:SteamID()
	local x, y, z = string.match( steamid, "STEAM_(%d+):(%d+):(%d+)" )
	if ( x and y and z ) then
		local CommunityID = string.format( "765%0.f", z * 2 + 61197960265728 + y )
		print( "SOMEONE HERE IS IN GROUP WITH: "..CommunityID )
		return CommunityID
		return "STEAM_0:0:0"
function( error )
    print( "failed" )
end )

Or do I need to do something else? because I cant figure out how to use fttp.fetch

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use the gXML lua module. Search on github. way easier.

I think this still works…


It’s actually a shame to see you never learn.

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what is the backstory behind OP?

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How many times do we have to tell you to not make a thread wtf.
Also use the fucking wiki cuz what youre doing right now is extremely retarded wtf, dont convert their steam id to sid64 just get their sid64 by calling PLAYER:SteamID64()

Not to mention it’s actually a syntax error.

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He’s made a bunch of threads as the like, and in short is just being stupid.

Stop making threads like this. Post here instead. Rather than ask for spoonfed code, try to learn.

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