How to TP a player to the spawn ?

Hi, I just wondered if someone knew how to TP a player back to the spawn


function TP_To_Spawn(player)
if player:IsPlayer() then

Thanks mate ;D but do you have any ideas like how do I setup the position of the player ? :smiley:

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Thanks guys you’re awesome :slight_smile:

That’s a terrible solution because it doesn’t take into account what entity the player uses as spawnpoints.

You mean the angle/vector?


How do you use it exactly ?

In a lua file somewhere in your addons’s folder


Something like this?

local spawn = GM:PlayerSelectSpawn( ply )
ply:SetPos( spawn:GetPos() )

Can I use this in the shared file ?

would b really weird if you would, i dont think you want to use SetPos on the player clientsided.

I don’t know why this is so fucking funny to me.

Ideally, you should use

gamemode.Call (or

hook.Call if there is no GM:* function) to do this, as it supports hooks added through hook.Add. Also, that code won’t work if it is not in a gamemode file because the GM table is not available after the gamemode has initialized.

Same here, wasn’t suppose to be funny

You guys are over complicating this, there’s a neat method called player:Spawn()
It skips the death hook and triggers the spawning hook so other addons can displace the player if needed.

But it also resets all of his stats.
If you run ply:Spawn() on a poisoned ignited player with 23 hp and no weapons on (modded) Sandbox, he’ll have 100hp and the default weapons.