How to trigger a zombie to spawn?

I am pretty skilled at making levels, and I have ran into a problem. I am looking to make it so when you turn this corner, zombies spawn and the grunts attack them and you catch them in the midst of battle. But I can’t seem to get it to work. I haven’t really used trigger things before so can I get some help?


Is this in Source?


If so, make the trigger send an output to a point_template that spawns your zombie.

Nope sorry. I am making a Hl1 mod.


And who rated my post funny? :bahgawd:

We Source mappers aren’t as familiar with the triggering system of the Goldsource engine. I would help as I used to map for it but even I am not familiar with it. Also, Goldsource is great but it is going down that drain these days. Please consider Source 2003+.