How to trigger first-person muzzleflash on HL2 SWEPS?

Using the HL2 weapon models for a SWEP, how do I trigger their muzzleflash effects when shooting? I managed to do it in 3rd person using self:ShootEffects() but no luck with a first-person muzzleflash.

What models are you using c_ or v_?


Does it work with c_ models? View model muzzle flashes should be created automatically, unless you suppress them with a SWEP hook.

No, it doesn’t work with c_models.
Also I’m using CW 2.0 base but if I remember correctly muzzleflashes dont play in first person either for other sweps that use hl2 models that ive used.

CW 2.0 base is your problem.

My SWEP base:

Default HL2 weapons: