How to trust people.

I was just wondering. When you meet new people. How do you trust them?
How long does it take or when you decide to trust a person?

"Trust without the T is no longer Trust.

It is Rust."


Well when I used to play Rust (waiting for a some major updates before coming back), I wouldn’t really trust anyone who had weapons out, but there are times where I found a group of people and thought I was screwed. Turns out they were friendly. But here is the logic I use whenever I play any multiplayer game with open world (GTA Online, Rust, etc.)

I always give people 1 chance to be friendly. If they dare to take advantage of it, I automatically claim them as hostile and either attack them then, OR , more preferably, I run off, build a better arsenal and crush them for being a scumbag.
Now usually this method works out 75% of the time. I believe most people attack first only in self-defense. I have made a couple of allies by just giving people chances, but you may wanna be careful in the world of Rust, most people tend to be greedy. I usually find it easy to make friends with starters who only have rocks. But in the long run, you may have some trouble finding people who you can trust. Best of luck though!

Start making friends when you have nothing – that way, if you’re screwed over, you really can’t lose anything. People, I’ve found, tend to betray each other after only a short time if that’s what they’re going to.

I prefer to give people a chance, but leather or kevlar usually means hostile KoS, avoid at all costs.
There are situation where it makes more sense to shoot first. For example, and guy was saying nothing, sprinted right into melee range… I gave him a shotgun to the face. Turned out he was a fresh spawn, but better safe then sorry.

:eng101: shoot first - ask questions later

speak softly and carry a big stick

Something you learn over time (from Rust and other games). Usually the person’s demeanor in chat, if they keep their weapon equipped, vocal tone, where they chose to build (people that build near areas with high competition are always far more likely to kill you than somebody hiding in the middle of nowhere).

Every person you meet will have a different amount of time before you can really trust them; just gain their trust (and you gain their’s) bit by bit. Give them door codes to half of your house, and put somewhat valuable things in there. If they’re gone the next day, hour, etc. they obviously aren’t very trustworthy, lol. Most people that don’t shoot you on sight (or try to lure you close to shoot) in Rust tend to be friendly players from what I’ve seen. I haven’t been backstabbed yet.

Trust is for weak ones

Just don’t… Never ever…

Okay, Teddy.

Make sure they dont have any weapons by killing them.

There was a server on which I played for a month, before it was ruined by hackers. But, I made friends quite easily, and I still play with them.
I started making jokes in the chat, about how I spawned in the middle of nowhere and how I wanted my mom to make me cocoa to last the night or other BS I can’t remember.
Seeing I was new (on the server), a guy offered me shelter, and we met another guy shortly after.
Now we’re a 7-person clan, we stay together on every server we play on, we’re friendly with new players (no KoS on nakeds, we give our spare pickaxes to some who ask nicely - we have 3 LWS full of them), and we answer their questions if they have some. But we raid too, and a lot :smiley:

Making friends on Rust might not always be that easy. But if you’re nice to some people, some of them might be nice to you :slight_smile:

If a stranger approached closer than 20 meters, I consider it as aggression. If a stranger shows extra interest in me, it is also aggression. I kill without thinking. :wink:

You NEVER trust people in this game. I don’t care if you’ve been playing together for a long time or even if you know each other IRL, I guarantee you’ll be betrayed at some point. Lone wolf, you can only fully trust yourself.

There is a high incentive to gain other players; numbers is currently the way to go in Rust. If you don’t know how to judge a person’s character, than I guess it’s not for you, lol.

Also, getting to know somebody personally, such as inviting them to a Skype call and playing other games with them vastly decreases the chances of them doing anything.

Numbers is for fearful chicken heart… that can’t fight one on one :wink:

Group ruin this game in my opinion…

By the way for the OP… don’t thrust anybody that you do not personnaly know…
I used to be an helpfull and friendly guy at first, but Rust make me become an asshole that kill everybody that come to close to me.

Yes, you can get nasty diseases that way.