how to turn a css skin into a model

I want to get a skin from css into a weapon in the vip store on my server how would i go about doing this?

You’d probably be better off asking this in the modeling section.

Nope, go to your common/GarrysMod/garrsmod folder and open fallbacks_dir.vpk using GCFScape. You can work out all of the paths to external resources from there.
Alternatively, I believe you can go into sandbox, right click on models and select “Copy to Clipboard”, which will copy the path to the selected view/world model.
From then you can use SWEP.ViewModel or SWEP.WorldModel to set the model, which your VIP store or Pointshop will use to display it.

He wants to turn a skin into a weapon, which isn’t quite as simple as the method you described. Unless one would want to override the default skin of the weapon.

You’d have to make a SWEP for it. If it’s TTT, use the TTT base. Otherwise, you’ll have to find one on the workshop/make your own base.