how to turn grass off?

sum1 pls tell me , it is so lagg with those stupid grass

In the current version (experimental), you can’t, and it’s not the main cause of lag right now either. Turn off reflections and PVT in the F2 menu.

read the devblogs… it’s not the grass…

Pvt is 100% disabled wether you try to turn it on or not, Its been commented out in the game code. Also reflections are off by default.

Those two things have nothing to do with the lag rofl… Those have been off for the last 3 updates and are toggled off by default. The game was running fine b4 the last update, now people with PC’s better then yourself are getting 5 fps max, 24/7.

Also, yes, it has to be the grass. The only thing they did was add this new stupid grass and that’s when the extreme FPS drops started happening, I have very limited knowledge in coding and even I can figure that out… please stop adding potato with potato and figure it out.

No, they updated the speedtrees as well. Guessing you didn’t see the terrifying ones they had last update. Either the trees or the grass were causing some sort of memory leakish behavior for people about 5 days ago when I played. You would start off with great fps, but then it would go down to like a frame a second after being on for 15 minutes in a forest boime. Desert and snow didnt have the problem.

I have problems in the snow biome Sith serious memory leak

Fuck I love how based on experience in one non-related game, rust kiddy lingo for bad fps is now “grass” and the solution to all fps problems is to “turn grass off”

I hope there is never an option to turn grass off, in legacy people mostly just used it to see other people better, so anyone leaving it on was at a disadvantage.

i love the grass, though its not tall enough. i want shoulder height grass

Its not FPS the OP probably just wants to know why he keeps getting killed and figured it must be the fact he cant cheat in the new version lol

Oh it most definitly is the FPS… thanks for the off-topic comment though, reported.

Not off topic at all, turning off grass was a huge exploit in legacy IMO. Thankfully its not possible now so everyone is on the same playing field so to speak. If your FPS is that bad and youve turned everything off i. The F2 menu then you rig isnt up to the task and you should wait until the game is optimized. It has been widely reported in these forums for months now that you cant turn off grass. I appologize if i assumed your just another legacy kid complaining about not getting your way, but thats kinda how it sounded in your post as you clearly have not read or searched the forums for your answer.

I can’t help but feel so smug right now. :v:


vindication is nice isnt it!