How to turn off red Errors?

I have a few maps and SWEPs that produce those lovely red ERROR texts and they tend to get in the way. Is there a way to get GMod to stop displaying them?

No and yes. No you can’t turn them off, yes you can stop them from displaying by downloading the model and installing it in GMOD.

But I don’t have twenty dollars!

Download the models or stop pirating.

who said he was?

Why the hell would you need 20 dollars?


Gmod isn’t 20 Dollars, it’s 10 last time I checked.

To get CS:S Content

What other HL2 engine game do you have becides GMOD?

Or TF2 shit, but C:SS is way better to get with gmod.

If your asking how to get rid of the Errors for which you normally need to buy CS:S then the answer is that we won’t help you with pirated textures.

So either buy CS:S if it is required by the addons or maps, or don’t use the addons or maps at all.

Ask in the modelling requests section ( for someone to make a small invisible model that will fit in the path ‘models/error.mdl’, then put the files in garrysmod/garrysmod/models/.

Thanks, I will do that.

Dont help the pirate :confused:

please dont assume pirate

OK. Everyone. Don’t call someone a pirate unless they give irrefutable proof that they pirated (i.e. an out of date screenshot).

Also, mention Steam a lot - instead of saying “Verify files”, say “Verify files in Steam”". I’m personally sick and fucking tired of people accusing everyone and their grandmother of pirating.

Guys, seriously, this is immature. I don’t have Counter Strike, end of story. Where are you pulling this hat crap from?

Im wondering the same, I think they think that because of your broken profile link.


That’s what I see when someone is accused of being a pirate.

I pirated GMod…

In my dreams. :smug:

Seriously I bought it though, I would say buy CS:S for GMod. It is an absolute must.

Are you that fucking stupid? He obviously doesn’t mean Garry’s Mod due to it not being 20 dollar. Maybe for you because your stupid to think that, but he ment he doesn’t have the money to buy something like Counter Strike Source. No need to say he was pirating you dick. And yes I know I’m late, but still…