How to Unban 1 Person

anybody know how to unban somebody? i know the unbanall command but i prefer not to unban hackers.

Well, I guess you’d be looking for the cfg/bans.cfg file, you will see something like

banid 12345678901234567

The big number is a Steam ID 64, if you know the player you can obtain his/her steam id 64 and then delete the line. Might need to reboot the server.

Note: I don’t own a server myself but this is the first thing I’d try as it is the way to ban someone when you’re not connected to the game.

To get someone’s steam id 64 with their steam link you can use websites like: for example.

Hope it helps.

yeah i did this, i edited it and deleted his ID and it didnt work. so i downloaded the file edited it in notepad, then deleted the file from the website and reuploaded the modified one and he is still banned.

edit- i did not reboot the server tho

Did you reboot the server? as the configuration files are loaded on startup.

If you did, then i don’t know :x