How to Uninstall A Mod

Umm… well… I recently read a book called The Zombie Survival Guide, and I went on and downloaded a ton of random zombie mods. Both were those annoying ones that you can’t put in the addons folder… which makes me angry. So since I hate extracting files with the file extractor thing, I did it my favorite way… manually copying and pasting the files. That’s not the point. The point is, the mod really messed up my game, and I want it gone. Sadly, there’s no addon folder folder, so now, I have to manually get rid of every single file. Are there any better ways to do it?

you could add an info.txt to the download, thus making it into an addon, and that will help prevent this sort of thing.

besides that, unless you completely delete every folder they merged with (models, materials, lua, sound, etc.), hunting each file down is your best bet.

O.K. then… time to spend all day hunting down mods… The worst part is… it replaced a lot of other files… that’s the worst part…

Delete lua, materials, models. That will reset everything when you load GMod again.

You might consider just deleting the whole folder. You’ll probably have an easier time just readding stuff you actually want rather than trying to hunt down stuff you don’t want.

So just delete the garrysmod folder?

Or rename it. That way you can still copy anything you want to the new gmod folder.

Ok! Renaming now.