How to uninstall 'LuaBee'?

I originally installed the program LuaBee when I was completely new to coding. I do not remember how I installed it, but its files are among the garrysmod directory. I probably should have installed it in the addons folder, I know. I decided that I was never going to use it, and deleted all of its files. I used its github repository to find all of the files.

After deleting any/all of the files, GMod freezes shortly after startup. If I restore all of the files, GMod runs smoothly again.

How do I uninstall LuaBee without causing GMod to break?

Delete your garrysmod/lua folder, then verify your game in Steam.

-snip, pointless question by me-

It won’t matter. Materials aren’t loaded unless the engine or an addon calls them.

It works, thank you!