How to unmute?

Hi all,

The other day, I was on a server and I wanted to mute myself, so I went to PLAYERLIST, clicked my name (It’s rdk997, by the way) and clicked “Mute in-game voice”. Now I don’t know how to UNmute. Can someone please help me?

All the best,

Just go to the Playerlist again and click on your name and unmute.


You can’t hear yourself anyway so why does it matter?

Perhaps he can…perhaps he can.

No, Nobody could hear me. But it turns out I didn’t have a key set to talk. Sorry guys…

Uhm okay…
Since muting yourself makes other being not able to hear you…

Sorry, I’m a bit of a Gmod noob. I bought it last Friday… ignore this thread pl0x

No it doesn;t?

I was being ironic :confused:
I should put a ironic sign next time there.

Yes, yes you should.

It’s hard to tell when people are being amazingly dense or not, specially on FP.

Yeah I see…