How to uplaod files bigger than 100mb to workshop?

Hello, im trying to upload a file that is 360mb. When i attempt to upload it my workshopper crashes. how do i upload this or “compress” the file?

I’ve seen people with 300mb sized UNCOMPRESSED files, so how did they do it?

Some content compresses better than others

but that doesn’t answer my question.

It dos.
Some file types like music … images … ect… are already compressed. There are hardly any room for further compression.

You can compare it with your boxes in the attic:
No matter what you do, there will always be a bit room left when you pack your stuff inside a box …
So you’ll have more room if you unpacked, discard all the small boxes and instead squeezed everything inside one giant box.
So don’t include long high quality music or huge images and instead keep it lua.

or you upload it in multiple parts, like Simonov did with insurgery weapons, instead of editing the existing one he added an Expansion to the workshop

You really shouldn’t.

Unless you’re doing something of a huge scale, you should be able to get your compressed addon under 100mb. Optimize your stuff more.

like the Cry of Fear weapons and stuff?