How to upload to Toybox?

I’m not sure how to do this. Say I made a save I wanted to upload to the in-game Toybox, how do i do that?

Ok I got it, never mind!

So how DO you do it?

You can work out the rest from there after logging in.

well i started it up but i dont know how to load my map onto the content

  1. make a map.
  2. go to toybox “saves tab”.
  3. click on the save symbol (looks like a floppy drive)
  4. wait till it comes up with a description screen.
  5. hit save and it should be in the “mine” tab in toybox.

there, if that somewhat didn’t work, i will punch myself.

That’s for uploading a SAVE, not an ENTITY or MAP or WEAPON


sorry commandhat, i do read “save” right there -.-

It Force Closes Gmod -.-;