HOW TO: Upload Your Maps To Toybox

It needs to be maps/gm_toybox_test.bsp (put it in a maps folder)


It should be named the same.

In the case of WIP I might consider releasing a beta version of gm_funmap. Otherwise I would have stuck with the download site.

This is why I love Garry. Still making really good updates to his game years after release.


Oh, what about just an “other” section for maps that don’t fit into the other ones?

Garry :3


Here is a suggestion garry, How about you replace View Code with the ability to upload your .vmf

Will toybox ever be available in multiplayer?


You’re stupid

if it comes, it’s most likely just to replace all those sv_downloadurl servers. Although before it can happen, there must be

1.tons of servers in facepunch (backup included).

2 . garry to hook up facepunch with 1GB/s or faster network (don’t know if he can have it in he’s area, but in japan it’s pretty common that a HOUSEHOLD has it) I have heard that personal networking isn’t so advanced elsewhere yet.

At the moment it is impossible for him to do, pointing to recent events.

Or correct me garry, if i am wrong.

Garry, can you make it so I can only see content I upload in the content window and vice-versa?

Yeah that’s something that’s gotta happen soon Wolfie

Also, is it preferable to BSPzip my content or to include it in a materials/ directory?

Will surf maps be accepted? Yes it’s a strange request but the cvars work for all source games (I’m sure)

phys_pushscale 3000 //default is 1
sv_airaccelerate 2000 //default is   1


Also can we have game icons to tell what game this map was created in? This will fix people clicking L4D maps and getting errors?

You can flag the map with certain required games. Although, there are only the usual mountable games, L4D1/2 aren’t there (yet?).

If you’re still making surf maps you need to reconsider ways to spend your free time.

If they would add like, a option so that Hammer can use L4D/L4D2 Models, I think it will be added… But now? I don’t know.

It makes no difference to toybox. If you include them in a materials/ folder it means that other people can use them, and you can update them without uploading the map again.

Don’t make a crappy CSS surf map. Please. Theres enough of them, and all crap.
Try to make a GOOD one. Or upload.

So like this:

Also does the toybox content override orginal content?

Yeah like that, and yes it does.

here’s an extension and path whitelist - so if you come up against something not being allowed when you think it should be - please let me know.

About the overriding:
I hope, that it only keeps the current map’s content loaded and overrided, because otherwise it will mix some colorcorrection entities and prehaps some materials too.