How to use a counter

I made a counter that will set the speed of a conveyor belt I made. The problem is how to use it’s value. I want it so that when it’s value is changed, it changes the speed of the conveyor belt to it’s value.

So how do I do that?

Using math_counter? Use the output OutValue.

I don’t understand… Lets say I have an output in the math_counter with OnGetValue and the target entity is Conveyor_Belt with its input as SetSpeed, what do I set the parameter override as?

OutValue passes the math_counter’s value as the parameter override.

oh ok, I got it to work now! Thanks!


wait is it possible to make a display of some sort in the map that shows that number from the math_counter?


oh crap! The conveyor belt won’t work right! Man I need help :stuck_out_tongue:


nm i figured out the problem with the conveyor belt. but as for the display thingie…

Using a texture with multiple frames (each for a unique number), yes.

Oh ok. Um, btw the counter thing won’t work right. It will only be at one speed, wont increase or decrease. Untill I make that display I won’t really know whats wrong.


I’m sorry this is so time consuming.


OK I finally got it! NO MORE PROBLEMS!