How to use ACT Enum table?

Does a model have to have these ACT Enumerations built into them? Some models on Garry’s Mod only work with certain enumerations and most of them just give the “jesus” pose.

Is someone willing to make me a player model with simple ACT Enumerations for a project? Such as; ACT_WALK, ACT_RUN, ACT_CROUCH, ACT_ATTACK, ACT_USE, ACT_DIE, ACT_PUSH

I am trying to create units, like for an rts game. However all the models in Garry’s Mod give various results when running the ACT’s above.

This is what I have. However only a small fraction of the available animations run, which is why they attack like zombies and stand “jesus” pose…

You can do it by sequence or change it per model.

[lua] ENT.Animate = function(self, Name)
local sequence = self:LookupSequence(Name)

This is what I use, some of the enumerations work, others just T-pose. Why’s that?

ACT enums just work as labels for sequence patterns internally. You can technically do it all by sequences per model in Lua.

I’m oblivious to models, animations, ect. Could you direct me to some more information on sequence patterns in gmod or anything related? I’ve just been confused with it all. I know you can get a sequence list off individual models, but some don’t actually do anything when using my code above. I feel like the solution is obvious but I’m can’t see it.