How to use and install addons

I just got gmod like, 10 mins ago, I know how to get and use maps, but I dont get how to use addons and sweps and add jump pad and extra npc and npc talk and such. HELLP PLEASE D:


I found 2 Threads with the Search that could help you:

I Quote ODST from the second Link:


EDIT: Oh, i think that was not the point. Okay, after downloading you can open the Build menu with “Q” Key… (hold).

to add the “jump pad”, look in the top left, over the construction window… there are Tabs, called like “Vehicle” “Build” … there is something like “Special” or “Entities” i think it is called… just try them until you have your custom/downloaded items Tab there… then click on it and spawn it like normal…
At this Tab is also your “extra NPC”, you have downloaded. I never used “NPC Talk” before (never heard of, Im new too…) , but it is either there, or at the Tools…
The SWEPS are there, too, i think… but im not sure, it can be on the right side in the “Admin” Tab maybe… You have to be Server Admin to use it.

So I just put evberything in the addons folder?

a general rule of thumb is that if it has an info.txt, it goes in addons (unless it is a gamemode, inwhich case it goes in the gamemode folder).

If it doesn’t have an info.txt, you can make one (there just has to be an info.txt, it really doesn’t do anything), or you can merge each folder (materials, models, maps, sound, lua, etc.) with the folders of the main Garrysmod directory (the problem is, then they are harder to get rid of, because they aren’t as nicely organized as with addons)

You can create an info.txt and put the whole folder in addons? I never knew that…

the only thing making stuff addons is the info.

I think there is even an info.txt template on