How to Use Blender to make Custom Animation

For those of you who don’t know what Blender is, its a free modeling and animating program, and if you use the right tools, you can get it to animate for source;
Be prepared to pause, as the subtitles may move by fast.

This tutorial is for those of you who want to use Blender 2.53 to animate, since most of you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on 3DS Max or don’t want to pirate it.


Most of you can skip most parts, since some are simple and broken down.
Exporting the SMD is very much like you would in 3DS Max, so you can use Max’s tutorial of that, since it is shorter and Max has much more experience in this than I do.

Ill need to go over this when Im not tired, but thank you.


Much appreciated though.

I can’t find a trustworthy download for it, but vstdlib.dll error pops up at mdldecompiler launch. Any help?

Yes, where exactly did you put the MDLDecompiler tool? If you put it in the same place as the tutorial then try putting it in just SourceSDK/Bin

I figured it out, had to run it from ep1/bin instead of orangebox/bin. Great tutorial


Okay, now I get “Unable to load model” when I select the mdl file and click extract

Did GCFScape load the model correctly? Check the MDL file and make sure it isn’t an empty 0 byte file. And also, did you make sure you extracted the .dx90’s and all of the other types?

Thanks, i could really use this. The ole’ thrusters on a limp ragdoll technique isn’t what it used to be.

[sp]Hes doing the flailing thruster thing[/sp]

Yeah, it was 0 bytes. I re-extracted it with GCFscape again and it fixed it.


Also, I love this version of “Kids”

Its actually the original, i just looped the parts that seem to repeat to make it sound seamlessly continuous.

haha :v:

Is there any way that i could animate 2 charcaters together and put them in gmod? EG a fight scene between 2 people. Or would it require like another 10 minute tutorial? If it does, or needs a long description just forget it, I’m just curious.

Gonna give this a try now, i didn’t know blender was free.

I’ve thought about this before. I’m guessing if you export each skeleton separately, it would work.

I think if you spawn your 2 actors, disable AI, start the scene, then re-enable AI, they will start simultaneously. Not 100% sure though.

I dunno why, but the links in the youtube video and the ones in the OP are different, so I’m a bit confused with the SMD tools one.


I’ll give it a go once I’ve got enough practice in.


Is this link correct for the SMD tools?

When i open it, all i get is a page full of code. When i save it i get a PY file… is that right?


Thanks :smiley:

Just adding Gmod to source SDK. Slowly getting there.

This is for you Om Nom. ALL FOR YOU

Glad to see you got it working correctly.

I’ve been trying for ages. That jerkoff is glorious to me. Thanks for the tut!