how to use bones in 3ds max

Well I ahev heard that when I want to create a animation I would need “bones”??
Well could someone explain me how to use them?

I am using 3ds max.


I am not talking about creating a npc, I want to design a door.

Well I found out I need the skin modifier…

I attached a bone with the add function of the skin modifier.

So if I want to create a moving box in a linear way I need the skin modifier use don the box and a bone attached?

The animation works in 3ds, but doesn’t in model viewer…

does nobody know the solution?

can someone please explainme thebasicway
how to animate two boxes flying adirection
as a example? Icant find anything 3ds max tuts
wich are related to this.

myanimation works in max, just not in source.


This is my qc:
$modelname “antest/antest.mdl”
$body mybody “antest_idle.smd”
$surfaceprop combine_metal
$sequence idle “antest_idle.smd” loop fps 15
$sequence thing “antest_thing.smd”

$cdmaterials “models est”

I want to let the boxes follow somehting like a path, I can let them move in 3ds max, but I can’t really get the same animation working in source.